Five Walking Strategies for Everyone with Arthritis

Walking is an excellent therapy for anyone with arthritis. It’s known to strengthen the muscles, shift joint pressure, and reduce pain. You can make your walking exercise even better with these 5 strategies.
1. Do something unusual or exciting
You can either go to different places every week to walk, do some guided tours at museums or historical sites, or even walk while playing with kids. If you do something that sparks interests while walking, it’ll make your walking experience better.
2. Invest in good shoes
Good shoes take you to good places. Wearing …

How to Manage Arthritis Care Costs

Looking for ways to manage arthritis care costs? Below are some tips to help you manage and reduce costs of arthritis care.
1. Know the medical terms
While it is hard to know all of them, knowing the jargons will save you money. If you aren’t sure about some of the medical terms used, get in touch with us and our team of experts will help you.
2. Track your expenses
Tracking your expenses is all about projecting possible costs and finding the best healthcare plan to cover medications.
3. Make careful healthcare choices
Check your doctor…

Six Natural Therapies You Can Do to Treat Arthritis Pain

Although it’s best to have your arthritis medically treated, natural means of treating it can also help you feel better. Here are six therapies that you can do to ease joint pains from arthritis.
1. Acupuncture
Acupuncture stimulates the body, improves circulation, and activates natural painkillers.  This therapy is best for osteoarthritis, low back, neck, shoulder pains, fibromyalgia, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
2. Massage
Massage can reduce joint pain and stiffness in the body. It can also improve the motion range. However, it isn’t best for inflamed or …

This Ultimate Mediterranean Diet is best for Arthritis

A common question among arthritis patients is what they can and can’t eat. Is there any special diet for people with arthritis? Sadly, no. However, many foods can help improve joint symptoms and fight inflammation.
Fruits, vegetables, fish, beans, and nuts with low saturated fat and low processed foods are great for overall health and for managing arthritis. These are principles of the Mediterranean diet which is known for its anti-aging properties and disease-fighting capabilities.
Mediterranean diet can help lower blood pressure, help curb inflammations, improve joint and heart health, and even lose weight. It’s…

A Wholesome Wellness Plan for Treating Arthritis

Managing arthritis is more than just relieving the pain. It also eases inflammations and protects joints and organs from further damage. It is about improving physical functions and your life’s quality.
Dr. Eric Matteson of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MI, says that pain relief shows you that you’re doing the right treatments. He added that there is more to do in cooling underlying and systemic inflammations. The proper therapy helps prevent life-long joint and organ damages caused by any arthritis type.
1. Never take the treatment to yourself
Temporary relief can’t cure arthritis. …

Stress and How it Affects Arthritis

Stress triggers harmful chemicals in the body that cause or worsens chronic illnesses like arthritis. These may not be long term reactants to the body. However, regular release can increase muscle tension and amplify arthritis pain. Stress can cancel the inflammatory responses of the immune system.
On another side, arthritis can cause unwanted stress. With constant pain, poor sleep, and fatigue, it creates a vicious stress cycle and discourages you from doing healthier activities like exercise.
How does one cope up with arthritis stress?
1. Talk to an expert or therapist
Stress is a mental …

Self-Management to Arthritis: How to Manage Arthritis

While getting diagnosed with arthritis can be alarming, it isn’t hard to manage. It can get overwhelming to know everything about arthritis sometimes. It’s also something that can make you worry about the future. Luckily, managing this illness is easy when you know how.
You can control this disease and stay healthy. Self-management is the key to achieving a healthier lifestyle and managing the effects of arthritis. Take baby steps. You need to know all you can learn about this and strongly relate with your doctors.
What does it mean to self-manage?

Stay organized.
Manage …

How Do Doctors Tell that You Have Arthritis?

It isn’t rare to experience occasional body aches and pains. However, if the pain for a long while, a doctor’s appointment should be your next action.
Your doctor will gather more information to know if you’re getting arthritis from joint pains and other symptoms. They’ll ask you about your medical history, habits, present symptoms, and other relevant questions. These questions will pinpoint the real cause of any physical illness, like arthritis.
Here are some questions a medical professional will ask you to ascertain whether you have arthritis:

What signs or symptoms did you experience? …

How Do I Know if I Have Arthritis?

Is any of your joints in pain or getting jolts of it? How does one know if that pain is a symptom of arthritis? A doctor or any healthcare professional makes the diagnosis. Yet, most joint problems are early signs of arthritis. These four crucial warning signs will prompt you to visit your healthcare provider.
1. Difficulty moving joints
While you may not feel any pain, you may have trouble moving joint. Difficulty in moving indicates something is going on with your joints.
2. Stiffness in limbs and joints
Do you feel stiff after long periods of sitting, standing, or lying …