Get Involved

Being part of a community isn’t just about participating in it. It’s also becoming the answer to others needing advice and support. Thus, we call on everyone to participate in growing the network through opportunities, events, and other support forms. You can participate in our events, share our causes, and join the community of people championing arthritis awareness in North America and worldwide. Contact us!

Join the Network!

Engage in our newsletters, regular forums, and connections with local and online individuals looking to grow the care environment. We also have communities for parents and children as well.


Whether short-term or long-term support, we value those who commit to helping people fight arthritis through sponsorships and community promotions to other events and social media channels.

Volunteer for the Arthritis Advocacy

Join our community of advocates, ambassadors, and volunteers in conquering arthritis. By becoming involved in the movement, you will help make a difference in everyone’s lives through arthritis awareness.

Group Sessions and Events

Our online and on-site events focus on advocating arthritis and bone health treatment. These opportunities can help grow the network and enrich the community through relevant discussions on arthritis-related topics. Our sessions and events also tackle other issues regarding arthritis and other bone health illnesses.