How Do Doctors Tell that You Have Arthritis?

It isn’t rare to experience occasional body aches and pains. However, if the pain for a long while, a doctor’s appointment should be your next action.

Your doctor will gather more information to know if you’re getting arthritis from joint pains and other symptoms. They’ll ask you about your medical history, habits, present symptoms, and other relevant questions. These questions will pinpoint the real cause of any physical illness, like arthritis.

Here are some questions a medical professional will ask you to ascertain whether you have arthritis:

  1. What signs or symptoms did you experience? How long did you have them?
  2. Which joints are in pain? Are they swollen, tender, warm to touch?
  3. Did the symptoms recently appear or come gradually? Did they subside after rest or become worse?
  4. What time do you usually experience these symptoms?
  5. Is this the first time you are experiencing these symptoms?
  6. Does anyone in the family have arthritis, immunity concerns, chronic illnesses, or anxiety?
  7. What do you usually do? Any vices? Food intake? Sleeping patterns?

Your doctor will also conduct imaging tests, like X-ray and nerve tests. He or she will also get blood, fluid, and tissue samples to test to know the type of arthritis you’re experiencing.

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