Five Walking Strategies for Everyone with Arthritis

Walking is an excellent therapy for anyone with arthritis. It’s known to strengthen the muscles, shift joint pressure, and reduce pain. You can make your walking exercise even better with these 5 strategies.

1. Do something unusual or exciting

You can either go to different places every week to walk, do some guided tours at museums or historical sites, or even walk while playing with kids. If you do something that sparks interests while walking, it’ll make your walking experience better.

2. Invest in good shoes

Good shoes take you to good places. Wearing comfortable footwear makes your walk even better. Get shoes that match best with your foot size. Also, wear cozy socks, like those compression types, for a less tensioned walking exercise.

3. Stop making excuses

If you have scheduled a walk and say you forgot, you might regret it sooner when you started developing arthritis. Stop the getaways from walking your feet and doing exercise. You’ll thank us later for it.

4. Track your walking distance and progress

Your smartphone, smartwatches, and other tracking wearables can give you control over how you’re doing with your health. You can also do this by setting the distance goals and marking two landmarks and writing it down. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself for achieving your goals.

5. Walk with someone

Walking gets better when you do it with someone. Having a walking buddy engages you to take more distance. A great conversation can even make you forget how far you’ve walked and less worried about the length.

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