How Do I Know if I Have Arthritis?

Is any of your joints in pain or getting jolts of it? How does one know if that pain is a symptom of arthritis? A doctor or any healthcare professional makes the diagnosis. Yet, most joint problems are early signs of arthritis. These four crucial warning signs will prompt you to visit your healthcare provider.

1. Difficulty moving joints

While you may not feel any pain, you may have trouble moving joint. Difficulty in moving indicates something is going on with your joints.

2. Stiffness in limbs and joints

Do you feel stiff after long periods of sitting, standing, or lying down? This stiffness could be an indication of arthritis on your joints. This may be the case if the stiffness last more than an hour.

3. Jolting or numbing pain

Another sign is numbing or jolting pain when you either start or stop moving. The pain could either be on one part or multiple parts of the body.

4. Visible swelling on joints

An affected joint become swollen red or warm when touched can indicate arthritis. If it lasts for more than three days, seek medical help immediately.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t panic. Try to observe these signs early and keep track of them. Rashes, fatigue or even fever alongside these mean you should visit a doctor immediately.

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