Stress and How it Affects Arthritis

Stress triggers harmful chemicals in the body that cause or worsens chronic illnesses like arthritis. These may not be long term reactants to the body. However, regular release can increase muscle tension and amplify arthritis pain. Stress can cancel the inflammatory responses of the immune system.

On another side, arthritis can cause unwanted stress. With constant pain, poor sleep, and fatigue, it creates a vicious stress cycle and discourages you from doing healthier activities like exercise.

How does one cope up with arthritis stress?

1. Talk to an expert or therapist

Stress is a mental issue, and someone who can intervene in your stress patterns can help you cope with it. Talk to a therapist or take interventions like CBT to help you deal with it positively.

2. Take a break

An excellent mental pause can calm your body. Sitting quietly or taking deep breaths are excellent habits to ease stress tensions.

3. Manage your arthritis

A good way to cope with arthritis stress is to treat it. Don’t let the pain become worse with assumptions or quack methods. Seek medical help and follow prescriptions.

4. Engage in physical exercises

Walking, aerobics, and other fitness exercises can boost the mood and ease tensions while strengthening bones and muscles in the body.

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