Self-Management to Arthritis: How to Manage Arthritis

While getting diagnosed with arthritis can be alarming, it isn’t hard to manage. It can get overwhelming to know everything about arthritis sometimes. It’s also something that can make you worry about the future. Luckily, managing this illness is easy when you know how.

You can control this disease and stay healthy. Self-management is the key to achieving a healthier lifestyle and managing the effects of arthritis. Take baby steps. You need to know all you can learn about this and strongly relate with your doctors.

What does it mean to self-manage?

  1. Stay organized.
  2. Manage the pain.
  3. Never forget to address the emotional effects of it.
  4. Deal with the fatigue.
  5. Improve your eating and sleeping habits.
  6. Stay active and do some exercises.
  7. Balance every activity with rest.
  8. Know what you’re eating and balance them.

Hey, you may feel alone reading this now, but you are not. The Arthritis Community and Network can become your self-management partner in dealing with arthritis. You can join our network today and make connections with everyone to help you cope better.

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