The Vaping Dilemma: What Individuals with Arthritis and Chronic Pain Should Realize About Vaping

Vaping Dilemma

If you vape marijuana or CBD like many products to comfort your agony, tame irritation, lessen worry or help you doze off, you’re possibly anxious by the current news about lung disease among vape consumers. Recently, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have handed out notices tied to what seems to be a severe upsurge: As of September 9, 2019, the organization stated that there have been over 450 potential cases of lung diseases and five demises throughout the U.S., all connected to vaping.
Based on the CDC, numerous people who became sick reported that they …

Five Walking Strategies for Everyone with Arthritis

Walking is an excellent therapy for anyone with arthritis. It’s known to strengthen the muscles, shift joint pressure, and reduce pain. You can make your walking exercise even better with these 5 strategies.
1. Do something unusual or exciting
You can either go to different places every week to walk, do some guided tours at museums or historical sites, or even walk while playing with kids. If you do something that sparks interests while walking, it’ll make your walking experience better.
2. Invest in good shoes
Good shoes take you to good places. Wearing …

This Ultimate Mediterranean Diet is best for Arthritis

A common question among arthritis patients is what they can and can’t eat. Is there any special diet for people with arthritis? Sadly, no. However, many foods can help improve joint symptoms and fight inflammation.
Fruits, vegetables, fish, beans, and nuts with low saturated fat and low processed foods are great for overall health and for managing arthritis. These are principles of the Mediterranean diet which is known for its anti-aging properties and disease-fighting capabilities.
Mediterranean diet can help lower blood pressure, help curb inflammations, improve joint and heart health, and even lose weight. It’s…

Stress and How it Affects Arthritis

Stress triggers harmful chemicals in the body that cause or worsens chronic illnesses like arthritis. These may not be long term reactants to the body. However, regular release can increase muscle tension and amplify arthritis pain. Stress can cancel the inflammatory responses of the immune system.
On another side, arthritis can cause unwanted stress. With constant pain, poor sleep, and fatigue, it creates a vicious stress cycle and discourages you from doing healthier activities like exercise.
How does one cope up with arthritis stress?
1. Talk to an expert or therapist
Stress is a mental …