Start your arthritis awareness journey with the Arthritis Community & Network. Joining the community is an excellent opportunity to connect with individuals, whether online or local, who understands your challenges and successes.

You can share information and support each other in this community to promote arthritis awareness in the world. You’ll also know the latest news and get relevant resources for your physical conditions. In joining this community, you’ll have the opportunity to create a better world for everyone with arthritis.

Online Community

Chat with everyone about what matters most in arthritis, offering support, or getting encouragement. Share your experiences and advice on how to deal with arthritis and live with it. The community is always here, 24/7.

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Just 10 minutes of your time can make you part of a strong force in changing the lives of 54 million arthritis patients.

Community Connect Groups

Find local individuals who share the same advocacy as you or experiencing the same. Share tips, connect, and get support from anyone near you about arthritis and a healthy lifestyle.