Everything You Should Know About CBD for Arthritis Pain

Some preliminary studies and anecdotal patient reports say CBD can be effective for people suffering from arthritis or other related disorders that deal with pain. But science develops, and more conclusive studies are required. Continue reading to understand better how the Cannabis flower can work with arthritis.


Cannabidiol is an active compound in cannabis plants. Though cannabidiol does not cause intoxication, it can make you drowsy. Most cannabidiol in products is from hemp extraction. It doesn’t cause you to be high because there are only traces of THC, which is the active compound causing people to be high.

Cannabidiol and Arthritis

Studies done in animals suggest that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. However, these studies still need to be validated in humans. Anecdotal reports from some people suffering from arthritis who’ve tried taking cannabidiol reported having a better sleep, less stress and anxiety, and a feeling of relief from pain.

Safety of Cannabidiol

Research is currently being conducted on how safe CND is. So, now, there’s limited information about it. No serious safety problems have been noted so far when cannabidiol is taken moderately.

The Legality of Cannabidiol Use

Cannabidiol products from hemp are not completely illegal, but it remains in the gray area when it comes to legality. But, clearer laws and regulations about products and sales are underway. Even though this is the current state of cannabidiol, it’s easily available online and in almost all states. It’s best to check the laws in your state before using them.

Giving Cannabidiol a Try

Because there aren’t conclusive studies about the use of cannabidiol for arthritis, medical professionals can’t verify how people with the disease can benefit from it and what the ideal dose and form are.

However, they agree on the following points. First, cannabidiol is not used to change the treatment of inflammatory arthritis. Also, before you take it or other supplements, you need to talk to your doctor first. They can inform you if the cannabidiol you want to take could have effects on your other medication or possibly worsen any condition.

You can also review together what treatments have been effective or not effective to you in the past. Your doctor can also advise you what better treatment alternatives to try first, do a trial, what you need to observe, and when you should return for a follow-up check-up for the evaluation of the results. It’s also recommended to track your dosage and symptoms to see if there are any effects.

Quality cannabidiol products can be pricey when you use them for a long time. That’s why it’s very important to be completely sure you are using the right product. It means it should have good effects on your symptoms and body to avoid wasting money.


There are many alternative ways for arthritis pain. What you need to keep in mind is to do your research first and consult with your doctor before trying to use cannabidiol in any form.

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